Investigating Solar Modules Equipment Set (Professional PV)
This training system allows the passage of the sun to be simulated realistically. This makes it possible to conduct experiments in the lab in practical fashion without any need for the sun itself. The design of photovoltaic systems operating in parallel with the electric power grid is realistic. In order to stabilise the electricity grid, the techniques of derating the power inverter and controllable local transformers are used. Knowledge and practical skills along with computer-based assessment of measured data are made possible by the advanced photovoltaics multimedia course along with SCADA Power Lab software.

Note: This Training System is a Supplementary Equipment Set.

Training Concepts:
  • Recording of module response over days and years
  • Recording characteristics of solar modules
  • Testing optimum alignment of solar modules (to increase energy output)
Product: Investigating Solar Modules Equipment Set (Professional PV)
Product Code: EPH 3.1

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