Home Controller
The smart home controller is the foundation of a smart home system. It networks, controls and regulates all possible devices on a centralised basis. A browser-based user interface is used to set up the network and to network and program the devices.

This smart home controller is representative of all standard smart home control systems available on the market, enabling it to make the entire building management system more energy-efficient, convenient and secure – and thereby to implement, communicate and learn it in a "smart" way.

The controller is equipped with WLAN and Bluetooth and has 4 USB ports. The latter can be used to expand the controller with various interfaces such as Zigbee, Matter, etc. Expansion with different interfaces enables communication with many other smart home systems. That makes a smart home network's range of customisation possibilities virtually unlimited.

By default, the Smart Home Controller has the following interfaces:
  • Z-Wave
  • Zigbee
  • KNX IP
  • Modbus TCP IP
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • WiFi

Note: This Training System is a Basic Equipment Set.

Supplementary Equipment Sets:

Training Concepts:
  • Fundamentals of smart home systems
  • Information about various radio systems
  • How to develop a structured project and also use that methodology later on
  • Overview of possibilities opened up by using smart home systems
  • Set-up, configuration and commissioning of a smart home network
Product: Home Controller
Product Code: EIT 10.1

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