Energy Efficient Lighting
Electricity is the force behind a modern, highly developed civilisation. Its usage and provision emerged from some outstanding pioneering work. Nowadays, however, many appliances operate in a way that is inefficient, meaning that they waste more energy than they need to, placing an unnecessary strain on the environment.

Lighting contributes some 15% of the electricity consumption of the globe. Using more efficient lighting technology could considerably improve electricity consumption, thus helping the environment, lowering costs and providing light of better quality.

This course shows how more energy-efficient lighting technology can be used to improve existing lighting systems and save energy.

Training Concepts:
  • Lighting components (incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, fluorescent lights, LEDs), their properties and efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Dimming methods and Types of dimmers
  • Proper use of lights, appliances and dimmers
  • Fundamentals of lighting management (DALI)
  • Installation instructions
  • Diagnostics by means of a multimeter or oscilloscope
Product: Energy Efficient Lighting
Product Code: EIT 3.1

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