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About Training Systems Australia

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For over 20 years, Training Systems Australia has been the supplier of choice for leading TAFEs, Universities, Schools and Polytechnics throughout Australia and New Zealand. We have proudly partnered with these Institutes to develop modern and engaging solutions for their technical teaching environment.
We supply world leading training equipment and courseware that improves student engagement and provides teaching efficiencies to deliver better learning outcomes.

Over the past decades, we have built successful partnerships with leading TAFEs, RTOs, Schools and Universities across key subject areas:
  • Automotive
  • Refrigeration & Air-conditioning
  • Electrical & Sustainable Energies
  • Instrumentation & Automation
  • Electro-technologies & Communications
  • Engineering & Maintenance
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics
Automotive Lab
The equipment and technology we provide is didactic: specially designed for use in training, education and research. Our products allow students to learn and experiment through valuable hands-on experience and for their learning to be transferred directly to their chosen career.

Man with Hydraulics
Couple with Power Drives

Better Learning Outcomes

Training Systems Australia is committed to helping TAFEs, RTOs, Schools and Universities of all sizes to deliver better learning outcomes.

We supply world leading training equipment, teaching resources and courseware that:
  • Improve Student Engagement & Retention
  • Allow for Research & Experimentation
  • Provide for Blended Learning
  • Create Teaching & Operational Efficiencies
  • Are Industry Relevant & Upgradable

Our experience, our range of products and our investment in implementation and ongoing support will make a big difference to students, teachers and your whole organisation.

Effective Integration, Early Involvement, Ongoing Support

We work closely with all our clients to understand their exact requirements and apply our international experience to effectively formulate, integrate and implement the most appropriate training equipment and learning resources.

Our approach includes providing both initial and ongoing support to ensure teachers understand how the learning technologies can best be used in their environments.

We are always happy to help – even before funding applications have been made – and our clients are delighted with the results we achieve by being involved early in the project cycle.

You’ll find our experience invaluable as we assist with areas such as planning, lab design, budgeting and equipment selection. Call us to discuss your current requirements or future vision.

Student Engagement and Teacher Benefits

Our range is designed to bring subject matter to life for students. It engages them in the learning process, keeping them interested and motivated to learn while building their underlying understanding and strengthening retention.

Our equipment and structured courseware provides teachers with the proven tools to deliver highly effective lessons, aligned to the curriculum.

In addition, incorporated within many of our products are a range of experiments, assessment tools and functions that provide a practical means to measure student progress and comprehension.

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Leading Edge Technologies

The ongoing growth and development of technology means it is vital that the equipment used by teachers is both up-to date and in line with industry demands. Through Training Systems Australia, teachers have access to leading edge technologies that are relevant and stimulating for students. We create versatile learning environments, designing and installing complete state-of-the-art teaching laboratories in a range of subject areas and technologies.

Alternately, we are able to provide standalone pieces of equipment or technology that can be integrated into an existing course, lab or classroom.