Solenoid Valve Assembly Kit
A solenoid valve assembly kit for maintenance and repair training.
Solenoid valves are electromechanically operated valves that are controlled by an electric current passing through an external solenoid. The current creates a magnetic field that moves a metal armature, which in turn actuates a plunger assembly and opens or closes the valve.
The solenoid valve is a new industrial solenoid valve.
The set includes a complete toolkit for valve maintenance operations and laminated job worksheets for disassembly, checking, repair and re-assembly of a solenoid valve.
All components are supplied in a foam lined rugged industrial case for easy storage and handling.

Training Concepts:
  • Assembly of an industrial solenoid valve.
  • Maintenance operations for an industrial solenoid valve.
  • Repair of an industrial solenoid valve.
  • Dis-assembly of an industrial solenoid valve.

Technical Specifications:
  • New industrial solenoid valve.
  • 2"/DN50 inlet and outlet.
  • BSP female couplings.
  • Brass body valve.
  • Pilot operated valve.
  • Normally closed valve.
  • Complete maintenance toolkit for disassembly and reassembly of the valve.
  • Laminated job worksheets for maintenance operations.
  • Supplied in a rugged industrial case with handles.
Product: Solenoid Valve Assembly Kit
Product Code: DVA-SV20

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