Globe Valve Assembly Kit
An industrial globe valve assembly kit for maintenance and repair training.
Globe valves use a disc and seat arrangement to control fluid flow. An internal baffle splits the inlet and outlet at the seat and the disc moves up and down into the seat to control flow.
Globe valves are typically used for applications that are normally closed, because the internal baffles and valve shape prevents fully unrestricted flow.
The globe valve is a new industrial globe valve.
The set includes a complete toolkit for valve maintenance operations and laminated job worksheets for disassembly, checking, repair and re-assembly of a globe valve.
All components are supplied in a foam lined rugged industrial case for easy storage and handling.

Training Concepts:
  • Assembly of an industrial globe valve.
  • Maintenance operations for an industrial globe valve.
  • Repair of an industrial globe valve.
  • Dis-assembly of an industrial globe valve.

Technical Specifications:
  • New industrial globe valve.
  • 2"/DN50 inlet and outlet.
  • Straight-way valve.
  • Internal stem.
  • Cast iron body.
  • Seat ring seal.
  • Complete maintenance toolkit for disassembly and reassembly of the valve.
  • Laminated job worksheets for maintenance operations.
  • Supplied in a rugged industrial case with handles.
Product: Globe Valve Assembly Kit
Product Code: DVA-GL20

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