Pneumatics/Electropneumatics Unitrain Course
In recent years, compressed air has become increasingly popular as a medium for the transfer of energy. Pneumatic systems are used frequently for conveyance, drilling, grinding, clamping, sorting, and control. This is attributable in part to the incomparable simplicity and economy of compressed-air machinery in certain areas of automation.
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Training Concepts:
  • Basics of pneumatics
  • How single- and double-acting cylinders work
  • Familiarization with various directional control valves
  • Operation and design of electropneumatic controls
  • Hard-wired controls
  • Programmable controls
  • Recording displacement/time graphs
  • Time-dependent controls
  • Course Duration: approx. 8 h
Product: Pneumatics/Electropneumatics Unitrain Course
Product Code: SO4204-8V

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