Storage Station UniTrain Course
A carrier with a fully assembled and tested work piece is located on the conveyor belt. The carrier is stopped at the removal position. The handling module lifts up the work piece and transfers it to one of twenty possible storage positions. The storage positions can be chosen according to the production task and test results. The empty carrier is conveyed to the end of the belt to be passed on to the next sub-system.

Note: To be able to perform all necessary measurements and experiments the following equipment set is required:
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Training Concepts:
  • Assembly, calibration and testing of pneumatic cylinders and valves
  • Definition of processing sequence for a high rack storage system
  • Rack level positioning with the aid of incremental sensors
  • Programming a sequence of steps
  • Programming a pulse counter
  • Programming of complete warehousing procedure in manual and automatic mode
  • Course duration: approx. 4 h
Product: Storage Station UniTrain Course
Product Code: SO4204-8S

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