Buffering Station UniTrain Course
The conveyor belt is equipped with two lifting units for buffering or queuing work pieces in complex mechatronics systems. The buffer controls the flow of materials. The carrier is lifted from the conveyor belt by a lifting unit and deposited in a magazine, while the belt continues moving with other pieces. Up to four laden or 10 unladen work piece carriers can be held in store. The lifting unit can set the work piece back onto the conveyor when necessary.

Note: To be able to perform all necessary measurements and experiments the following equipment set is required:
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Training Concepts:
  • Assembly, calibration and testing of pneumatic cylinders and valves
  • Definition of processing sequence for a buffering station
  • Programming a buffering sequence in manual and automatic modes
  • Programming a sequence of steps
  • Course duration: approx. 4 h
Product: Buffering Station UniTrain Course
Product Code: SO4204-8X

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