Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Unit
The refrigeration cycle demonstration unit is delivered complete with instrumentation as well as technical and instruction manuals.

Designed and manufactured to meet industrial standards.

This unit can be used at different levels and in different fields of study.

Use of the refrigerant R 134a as required by new regulations.
Suggested Applications and Dimensions:

Suggested Applications:
  • Study of the basic concepts in a refrigeration unit which utilizes R 134a refrigerant
  • Study of the important phases found in one refrigeration cycle ( compression – condensation – evaporation)
  • Analysis of the theoretical refrigeration cycle
  • Analysis of the real refrigeration cycle
  • Determination of loss of charge
  • Determination of overheating
  • Determination of under cooling
  • Determination of the refrigeration power through the evaporator
  • Determination of the power through the condenser
  • Calculation of thermal results through a condenser and through an evaporator
  • Construction of the refrigeration cycle in a state diagram

  • Length: 780 mm
  • Width: 630 mm
  • Height: 620 mm
  • Weight: 51 kg
Product: Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Unit
Product Code: CRD-400

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