Design and Assembly of Advanced Refrigeration Applications
This supplementary training equipment set requires that basic knowledge has already been learned and the set is conceived for the purpose of special technical training. Additional components allow for more systems to be explored. For instance, multiple refrigeration compartments can be operated in conjunction with a single control system. This allows the individual cold chambers to be operated at differing temperatures depending on the applications for which they are used.

Note: This Training System is a Supplement Equipment Set to the:
Training Concepts:

  • Refrigeration compartment with power regulation by hot-gas by-pass and post-injection
  • Air-conditioned space with differing temperatures
  • Processing of refrigerant via heat exchangers, liquid/oil traps
  • Switching between cooling and heating operation and defrosting by means of four-way valve
  • Use of various refrigeration controllers with and without real-time clock

Training Equipment List:
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Product: Design and Assembly of Advanced Refrigeration Applications
Product Code: RCW 2

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