Variable-Speed Permanent-Magnet Servo Drives using MATLAB Training System
Synchronous servo motors are now used in many modern drives. In addition to dynamic response, energy efficiency is also playing a major role. The training system permits in-depth investigations of existing control loop concepts thanks to the open programming feature MATLAB and permits new approaches to be safely tested. For instance, the system can be used to create drives typically employed in industry and the automotive sector.

Power Classes Available: 0.3 & 1 kW

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To learn more about Programming the Power Converter using Matlab/Simulink Software click HERE.

Training Concepts:
  • Setting up a hardware-in-the-loop system under real-time conditions
  • Modelling and designing cascade closed-loop control for a DC motor on an ongoing design level
  • Reducing the control system to discrete components to run on a digital signal processor
  • Creation and optimisation of automatic flow-rate and speed controllers
  • Park- und Clarke transformation
  • Integration of the space phasor modulation to optimize the control of the IGBT
  • Speed detection using incremental sensors
  • Comparison of simulation results with actual measurements
Product: Variable-Speed Permanent-Magnet Servo Drives using MATLAB Training System
Product Code: EPE 52

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