Waveguide Components UniTrain Course
To assemble the complex microwave circuits found in waveguide technology, special components such as couplers, circulators or multiports are required. Using these components the desired circuit function can be realised.

This UniTrain Course is a Supplement UniTrain Course to the:
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Training Concepts:
  • Wave propagation in a waveguide
  • Waveguide elements for changing directions: Rotary coupling, E-plane and H-plane bends
  • Attenuator, phase shifter, ferrite valve
  • Attenuation and reflection of coupling elements
  • Attenuation and reflection of coupling elements
  • Modulation and demodulation
  • Smith chart: Determining impedance and reflection factor
  • Course Duration: approx. 8 h
Product: Waveguide Components UniTrain Course
Product Code: SO4204-9V

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