Industrial Electricity Distribution InsTrain Training System
The power feed to an industrial, electricity distribution or sub-distribution system differs in many aspects from feeds to domestic or commercial buildings. The main differences are not only in the design of such systems but in their use of different components and the different installation regulations which apply. For example, by contrast with domestic buildings, it is essential to use RCDs of different types (type B and type F RCDs). This inevitably gives rise to more stringent demands for special knowledge of how to test such systems when carrying out initial or repeat testing.
Training Concepts:
  • Design of public electricity grids
  • Power feed, energy distribution
  • Protective measures against electric shock
  • Short circuits, faults to frame, faults to ground
  • Lightning and excess voltage protection
  • Testing of electrical installations in compliance with currently applicable standards
  • Measurement of insulation, earthing systems and loop impedance
  • Testing of rotating field
  • Measurements on protective earth and equipotential bonding
  • Operating principles of conventional and electronic electricity meters
  • Testing of protective systems according to regulations for initial and repeat tests
  • Sub-distribution, planning and installation
  • Network systems
  • Testing of residual current protective devices (RCDs)
Product: Industrial Electricity Distribution InsTrain Training System
Product Code: EGT 7

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