Electromechanical Parking Brake with Auto-hold Function
An electromechanical parking brake replaces the conventional handbrake with a simple switch on the dashboard so that there is no need for a handbrake lever. On uphill starts, sensors determine how steep the slope is. If the driver stops the vehicle, the brake engages automatically until the car is started again.

This new auto-hold function is being integrated into more and more vehicles and in the future will gain in significance. In our system we have depicted the modern electromechanical parking brake in such a way that it is easily understood and can be experimentally tested by trainees and students.
Training Concepts:
  • How rear-wheel brake actuators work
  • Sensors and actuators in an electromechanical parking brake
  • How an electromechanical parking brake works
  • Parking brake function
  • Dynamic pull-away assistant
  • Dynamic emergency brake function
  • Auto-hold function
  • Gauging of brake discs
  • Understanding how brake boosters and hydraulic brakes work
  • Interpretation and use of technical documentation
  • Experimental investigation of the various functions for improved understanding
  • Assembly, configuration and testing of mechanical components
  • Design and function of disc brakes
Product: Electromechanical Parking Brake with Auto-hold Function
Product Code: CO3221-9A

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