Brake Power Control with Bosch ABS/ASR 5.3 Trainer
This trainer is intended for the presentation of the functioning of the automatic braking force regulation system - ABS and the anti-slip system - ASR. It is possible to conduct laboratory exercises aimed at measuring voltages and waveforms of input signals and the controller's response to dynamic changes of these input signals, as well as the observation of pressure changes in hydraulic circuits.

It is possible to present the normal operating states of the controller under simulated driving, braking and braking conditions with the reaction of the ABS system to too long delays. The trainer is equipped with 4 independently controlled impulse rings drive systems and a switch that enables the simulation of a change in the friction coefficient between the vehicle wheel and the road surface. In addition, it is possible to demonstrate the operation of the ASR anti-slip system. The trainer also makes it possible to show the system's reaction to the most common types of failures, i.e. breaks in the circuits of wheel sensors or output circuits, too low value of control signals (amplitude of these signals) and short-circuits of breaks in the vehicle's electrical system. The occurrence of a defect can be simulated in a way that is invisible to the student, which allows simulating real conditions that he or she may encounter while working in the profession for troubleshooting purposes.

The trainer contains a diagnostic socket compliant with the EOBD standard, so is possible to carry out diagnostics with the use of an automotive diagnostic tools.

Training Concepts:
  • Understanding the functionality of typical ABS/ASR brake systems
  • Understanding the functionality of brake boosters and hydraulic brakes
  • Identifying the effects of typical malfunctions on ABS/ASR brake systems
  • Conducting various electrical measurements
  • Interpreting and employing technical documentation
  • Building up diagnostic skills (12 simulated faults)
  • Planning and implementing typical diagnostic strategies
Product: Brake Power Control with Bosch ABS/ASR 5.3 Trainer
Product Code: ABS/ASR-5.3

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