MOST Bus UniTrain Course
At present, optical bus systems are used mainly to achieve high data transmission rates in luxury automobiles. However, optical buses are likely to find broader use in view of the increase in data volumes that generally require processing in automobiles. For that reason fibre optics is an important topic for today’s trainees and will be met with more and more frequently on the job. Our training system has been designed so that trainees can distinguish between open and closed loops and classify them in accordance with their electronic systems.
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Training Topics:
  • Data networks in motor vehicles
  • Reasons for increasing use of optical fibres in motor vehicles
  • Digital transmission of letters and characters
  • Fundamentals of a MOST bus
  • MOST protocol
  • MOST controllers
  • MOST ring
  • Diagnosing ring interruptions
  • Design of optical fibre systems in motor vehicles
  • Optical bus systems in motor vehicles
  • Optical characteristics of light
  • Basics of ray geometrics (refraction, reflection)
  • Experimental determination of properties (attenuation) of optical fibres
  • Investigation of optical fibres (electrical and optical) by measurement
Product: MOST Bus UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4204-7H

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