Electric Vehicle Training – Is Your Centre Ready?

There is no shortage of focus on Electric Vehicle training with the growing global demand for the vehicles, coupled with the additional safety and skills required by automotive technicians to work on them. This means training institutions need to be well-equipped to offer their students exceptional training for careers in this field.

Considering the high voltages concerned, it is imperative that students are taught in a safe environment and provided with relevant practical activities and theory as well as the opportunity to develop critical skills, before working on an EV which has the potential to be highly dangerous.

At the recent WorldSkills event in Kazan, Russia, the EV assessment was run using the Hybrid & All-Electric Vehicle Trainer designed by Lucas-Nülle. The competition ran extremely well and competitors were able to demonstrate a range of safety related skills at the EV station. This training system is part of a comprehensive range to help educators best prepare students in this field.

Our range for Hybrid & Electric Vehicle resources assists you in delivering fundamental units focusing on safety and allows you to expand your training into the more advanced skill set areas over time, such as different drive configurations and diagnosis and maintenance of high voltage batteries.

The popular UniTrain system also offers a range of courses to support the development of underpinning knowledge and practical skills.

Like with all of the Lucas-Nülle courses and experiment guides we can work with our clients to have the content, experiments and assessments deployed directly in your LMS to improve learning and operational efficiencies for your students and your organisation.

Contact us for a demonstration of the work we have done in this regard.

Watch these short videos to learn about a couple of the Hybrid & Electric Vehicle CarTrain Trainers:

Hybrid & All-Electric Vehicle Trainer (US version shown)

Diagnosis and Maintenance of a High Voltage Battery

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