Needle Valve Assembly Kit
An industrial needle valve assembly kit for maintenance and repair training.
A needle valve has a small port and a threaded, needle shaped plunger. It allows precise regulation of flow and is generally only used with relatively low flow rates. As the screw is turned and the plunger retracts, flow between the seat and the plunger is possible, however, until the plunger is completely retracted the fluid flow is significantly reduced.
Since it takes many turns of the fine-threaded screw to retract the plunger, precise regulation of flow rate is possible. The slow operation makes needle valves unsuitable for shut-off applications.
The needle valve is a new industrial needle valve.
The set includes a complete toolkit for valve maintenance operations and laminated job worksheets for disassembly, checking, repair and re-assembly of a needle valve.
All components are supplied in a foam lined rugged industrial case for easy storage and handling.

Training Concepts:
  • Assembly of an industrial needle valve.
  • Maintenance operations for an industrial needle valve.
  • Repair of an industrial needle valve.
  • Dis-assembly of an industrial needle valve.

Technical Specifications:
  • New industrial needle valve.
  • 1"/DN25 inlet and outlet.
  • Hand operated.
  • Screwed bonnet.
  • BSPT female couplings.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • PTFE packing seals.
  • Complete maintenance toolkit for disassembly and reassembly of the valve.
  • Laminated job worksheets for maintenance operations.
  • Supplied in a rugged industrial case with handles.
Product: Needle Valve Assembly Kit
Product Code: DVA-NE10

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