Optical Safety Systems
Light curtains and light grids are used for non-contact safeguarding of hazardous areas. A light curtain or light grid consists of an emitter and a receiver. Infra-red LEDs on the emitter transmit a brief light pulse, which is captured by receiver diodes. The equipment set can be combined at will with all the other safety technology equipment sets. When goods are being transported into hazardous areas, the safety system (a light curtain) needs to be turned off briefly. While this is happening, it must be assured that no people can enter the hazardous area along with the goods. The name for this process is muting.
Training Concepts:
  • Setting up a light curtain
  • AS-i Safety
  • PROFIsafe
  • Muting (CSY 5 Equipment Set)
Product: Optical Safety Systems
Product Code: CSY 4/5

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