GRAFCET Practical Set
In the GRAFCET practical set for the S7-1200 there are 15 process simulations available with practice-oriented exercises and representative solutions. The S7-1200 is connected to the PC via a standard Ethernet interface. GRAFCET plans are drafted on the PC and tested using the inputs and outputs of the PLC system.
Training Concepts:
  • Temperature monitoring with indicator lights
  • Heating up a furnace with a solar collector
  • Temperature monitoring of a boiler
  • Detection of rotation direction of a slowly rotating shaft
  • Reversing contactor circuits with change-over via an off switch
  • Reversing contactor circuits with direct switch-over
  • Open-loop control of a reversible drive
  • Continuous inching mode for a motor
  • Parking space monitoring
  • Bottle counting
  • Gear lubrication
  • Traffic light system
  • Lifting platform
  • Running lights
  • Rolling shutters
Product: GRAFCET Practical Set
Product Code: CGC 2

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