Mixing Station Training System
The IPA mixing station allows a precise mixing of predefined formulations. It is the optimum solution for typical production processes in the most varied of industries. The system modularity permits diverse configurations to be implemented in a safe laboratory environment.

This Training System is available in the following configurations: or
Training Concepts:
  • Setup, wiring and start-up of a process plant
  • Selection, application and connection of various sensors
  • Measurement of electrical and process variables such as filling level and flow rate
  • Formulation control
  • Use and connection of measurement transducers
  • Setup and operation of control loops
  • Analysis of controlled systems and control loops
  • Operation of continuous and discontinuous controllers
  • Parameterisation and optimization of P-, PI- and PID controllers
  • Design of open-loop and closed-loop control programs
  • Process handling and monitoring
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Networking of process plants
Product: Mixing Station Training System
Product Code: IPA 2

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