Example: Production Line with 5 Stations
This training system can be used for the fully automatic manufacture of a Sixpack.

IPA 25 Production Line comprises the following stations:

All stations can be deployed individually or in combination. For the transport of the Sixpack between the individual stations a conveyor belt system with work piece carrier and dual conveyor belts is used.

Other Available Production Lines:
All Production Lines are controlled by a PLC.
Your Benefits:
  • Thanks to its modular design, seamless integration is quickly implemented into the proven Industrial Mechatronics System (IMS).
  • The modularity of the system permits any number of configurations to be realised in the extremely safe environment of the laboratory.
  • Optimum solution for typical production processes in the widest range of sectors.
  • Individual configuration of the single subsystems to make up a fully-fledged and customised production plant in keeping with specific requirements and space.
  • A teaching and training system designed to meet any content requirements.
  • Open for further expansion.
  • Integration of a carrier return system possible.
Product: Example: Production Line with 5 Stations
Product Code: IPA 25

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