Smart Factory – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Lab

ERP Lab is an educationally designed ERP system (ERP - enterprise resource planning). The software performs such business tasks as planning and control of resources, equipment, material including information and communications technology. A core function of the ERP lab is material requirement planning. Nowadays this task can only be performed adequately with the aid of IT systems and on the basis of modern IT and communications technology.

Smart Factory Equipment Set comprises the following Substations:
Supplementary Equipment Sets to the Smart Factory Equipment Set:
  • Smart factory
  • ERP Lab
  • Configuration
  • Project of integrating conveyor belt system with ERP Lab
  • Project of configuring a production line
  • Development of ERP Lab
  • Integrated web shop
  • Live visual monitoring of production process
Product: Smart Factory – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Lab
Product Code: CSF 4

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