Industry 4.0 Introduction – Start with the Smart Factory
Smart Factories

The Industry 4.0 initiative describes the implementation of so-called smart factories, which includes intelligent interaction between human beings and machinery. It involves the integration of intelligent workpieces, manufacturing equipment and flexible value-adding procedures into the production process. This seeks to achieve distributed production with a maximum of flexibility at a minimum of cost. In a smart factory, systems keep people informed about production and status and provide assistance with the control and monitoring of the process.
Training Concepts:
  • Smart factory
  • Setting up a TIA project
  • Experiment: Inching operation
  • Experiment: Inching operation with shut-off at end limit
  • Experiment with return movement
  • PWM signals
  • Experiment: Control featuring various speeds
  • Position tracing
  • Speed control
Product: Industry 4.0 Introduction – Start with the Smart Factory
Product Code: CSL 1

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