Mechatronics 3-axis Gantry Robot Substation Trainer
Pick and Place

The gantry robot is used to perform pick & place operations or also workpiece warehousing operations. Additional operations such as stacking workpieces, storage, traversing and tracing contours and much more are also possible. With the aid of the pen holder it is possible to attach pens that can then be used to draw figures. This facilitates the graphic demonstration of how circles, rectangles and triangles can be programmed. Neither the pens nor the working surfaces can be damaged due to faulty operation since any malfunction leads automatically to the decoupling of the pen holder. The pen holder can be reattached at any time thereafter.
Training Concepts:
  • Assembly, set-up and testing of pneumatic cylinders and valves
  • Introduction to sub-systems for workpiece substructures
  • Defining processes for sorting
  • Programming of production sequences in manual and automatic modes
Product: Mechatronics 3-axis Gantry Robot Substation Trainer
Product Code: IMS 15

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