Flexible Production Plant with 12 Stations
The system can be used for the fully automatic manufacture of a three-part work piece for up to eight different end products.

Flexible Production Plant comprises the following stations:
All stations can be used individually or combined as required. For the transport of work pieces to the subsystem a conveyor belt system is used to transport the work piece carrier on dual conveyor belts. Two robots are used for the transfer of the work pieces from the Lathe/Milling Machine to the IMS system.

Other Available Flexible Production Plants:
All Flexible Production Plants and Lines are controlled by a PLC.
  • The system promotes skills training while working within a team and empowers the students to acquire on their own the basics needed to master machining and mechatronics systems.
  • Industrial type actuators and sensors are used exclusively. Industrial-type PLC systems with Profibus and decentralised periphery are also used for the control of the production line.
  • With this training system industrial processes involving complex manufacturing can be realistically simulated.
  • Each subsystem is designed so that starting with simple automation and machining operations and sequences the student proceeds step by step to acquire the skills and know-how needed to create a complex automation program.
    Product: Flexible Production Plant with 12 Stations
    Product Code: CIM 23

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