Frequency Converter Drives UniTrain-I Course
Frequency converters permit low-loss and continuous adjustment of the speed of asynchronous three-phase motors. Besides serving to control and protect motors, these devices also perform process automation functions nowadays.

To be able to conduct this course the following UniTrain-I Courses are also needed:

Self-commutated Power Converters (SO4204-7M)

Asynchronous Machines (SO4204-7T)>
Training Concepts:
  • Design and functionality of frequency converters
  • DC link voltage
  • Operating 3-phase motors with frequency converters, 87-Hz technology
  • V/f characteristic and boost
  • Design and functionality of brake choppers
  • Analysis of current, voltage and power
  • Course Duration: approx. 5 h
Product: Frequency Converter Drives UniTrain-I Course
Product Code: SO4204-7P

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