Communications Technology
The Communications Technology wiring installation training module covers planning, installation and testing of structured communications wiring for various applications and communications services. The training project is based on a “home office”. It also covers the topics of telephony, the internet, network cabling, TV and video wiring in detail. Use of the fault simulator allows the exercises to be tailored to the level of knowledge of the student concerned.
Training Concepts:
  • Planning multimedia cabling
  • Selection of data media and equipment
  • Compliance with the required transmission categories
  • Planning for the future with regard to cable lengths
  • Carrying out various cable wiring
  • Connecting two PCs with plastic optical fibre
  • Connecting two PCs via RJ45 sockets (solderless, screwless, non-insulated)
  • Equipping a distribution box with an NTBA, WLAN router, etc.
  • Installation of a patch bay for a multimedia distribution box
  • Setting up a WLAN link
  • Networking of PCs using a switch and patch bay
  • Inputting a signal via a DVB-T receiver
  • Installation of line-through and end sockets in a ducting segment (co-ax)
  • Installation, wiring and testing of two RJ45 sockets in a ducting segment
  • Documentation, handover and test report, customer instruction
  • Setting up a DSL connection
Product: Communications Technology
Product Code: EGT 3

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