Building Management Systems Based on KNX
The wiring installation training system Building Management Systems Based on KNX covers planning, installation and testing of an intelligent, bus-capable installation. The key points include project planning and parameter setting as well as the wiring and connection of bus systems in a sub-distribution box. The major changes that the electrician‘s profession has undergone have turned them into “electronics engineers for buildings and infrastructure systems”, so that the work is less concerned with practical wiring than with PC-based planning and programming work.

What is KNX (KNX Australia)

Training Concepts:
  • Planning, project management and parameter setting for KNX® systems
  • Selection of suitable installation structures
  • Selection of suitable equipment
  • Selection of components with an eye to cost-efficiency
  • Planning for the future with regard to installations
  • Parameter setting and fault finding in KNX® systems
  • Interfaces to other bus systems
  • Ways of using KNX®/EIB
  • Project planning using ETS3 software
  • Packet structure and addressing
  • Data media, bus lines
  • Installation of a KNX®/EIB system with various applications
  • Commissioning and specific testing
  • Documentation, handover and test report, customer instruction
  • Design and topology of bus systems
Product: Building Management Systems Based on KNX
Product Code: EGT 4

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