Basics of Electrical Power Engineering using UniTrain-I Courses
Multimedia-based and Practice-oriented Introduction to Power Engineering

With the aid of numerous experiments and animations, the UniTrain-I multimedia courses give the students insight into the latest important issues relating to power engineering. The fundamentals of DC, AC and three-phase technology as well as processes in distribution networks are some of the subjects dealt with in the various courses. Typical processes that occur in the generation and distribution of electrical power receive particularly close attention and are reproduced in the experiments using safe extra-low voltages.

Available UniTrain-I Courses:

DC Technology UniTrain-I Course

AC Technology UniTrain-I Course

Three-phase Technology UniTrain-I Course

Measurements with the Multimeter UniTrain-I Course

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) UniTrain-I Course

Magnetism / Electromagnetism UniTrain-I Course

Transient Processes in DC and AC Power Grids UniTrain-I Course

Three-phase Transformers UniTrain-I Course

Synchronous and Slip-ring Machines UniTrain-I Course


UniTrain-I multimedia courses in energy supply technology utilise countless experiments and animations to convey an insight into present-day considerations in the electricity supply industry. Generation of energy from regenerative sources and processes utilised in distribution networks are among the topics covered by the various courses.

Typical procedures which are of particular importance to electricity supply technology are taught by means of experiments using non-hazardous safety extra-low voltage (SELV).
Product: Basics of Electrical Power Engineering using UniTrain-I Courses
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