Servo Drive – Electronically Commutated Motor Training Bench
Encoder – Commutation – Control

Servo drives are variable-speed units designed to meet high dynamic response and overload demands. They are often used in automation solutions involving significant changes in speed and torque, such as in machine tools or robot systems. The training system for servo drives clearly demonstrates the functionality of a variable-speed servo system with a permanent magnet.

Power Classes Available: 300 W and 1 kW

This Training System is a Supplement Equipment Set to the:

Self-commutated Converter Circuits Training Bench

Training Concepts:
  • Design of a servo drive
  • Investigation of coordinate and encoder systems
  • Operating principle of a servo motor with electronic commutation
  • Analysis of modulation
  • Design of control loop structures
  • Analyses of variable-speed drives
Product: Servo Drive – Electronically Commutated Motor Training Bench
Product Code: EPE 42

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