Self-commutated Converter Circuits Training Bench
IGBT – PWM Controller – Inverter Controller

By self-commutated static converters we mean converters that convert DC and AC currents using components that switch on and off. These valves are able to commutate on their own without line commutation. Self-commutated converters operate like inverters with load-independent voltages and currents.

Power Classes Available: 300 W and 1 kW

This Training System is a Basic Equipment Set.

Supplementary Equipment Sets:

Frequency Converter Drives with 3-phase Asynchronous Motor Training Bench

Servo Drive – Electronically Commutated Motor Training Bench

Converter Drives with DC Motors – Speed Control Training Bench

Other Available Training Resources:

Self-commutated Power Converters UniTrain-I Course

Training Concepts:
  • Pulse-width modulation
  • DC chopper in single- and 4-quadrant operation
  • AC power switch
  • Three-phase converter with block/sine commutation and space-vector modulation
  • Resistive and inductive loads
  • Suppressor circuits, link circuits, free-wheeling
  • Control characteristics and operating graphs
  • Interpolation, clock frequency, ripple
  • Frequency analysis and examination of harmonics
Product: Self-commutated Converter Circuits Training Bench
Product Code: EPE 40

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