DC Drives with Cascade Control Training Bench
DC Drives with Cascade Control

Thanks to their clearly arranged control structure, power converters with DC motors are particularly suitable for programming one‘s own initial, own control algorithms. This training system permits implementation, optimisation and operation of the student’s own control configurations. Not only conventional approaches, but also new ideas and extensions can be tried out safely in the open system.

Power Classes Available: 300 W and 1 kW
Training Concepts:
  • Creation of a HIL system under real-time conditions
  • Modelling and design of cascade control loop for DC motors at the continuous design level
  • Discretisation of the control loop for operation on a DSP
  • Creation and optimisation of current and speed controllers
  • Speed detection via an incremental encoder
  • Comparison of simulation results with real measurements
Product: DC Drives with Cascade Control Training Bench
Product Code: EPE 53

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