Instrumentation Technology with UniTrain-I System
The measurements of analogue and non-electrical variables is of critical importance and is basic to all areas of automation engineering. After all, it is the detection of the physical variable and its conversion into electrical signals which makes the automatic control of a system possible in the first place.

Available UniTrain-I Courses:

Measuring Electrical Variables UniTrain-I Course

Measuring Temperature, Pressure, Force and Torque UniTrain-I Course

Measuring Displacement, Angle and Speed UniTrain-I Course

RLC Measurements UniTrain-I Course


UniTrain-I multimedia courses in instrumentation technology employ numerous experiments and animations to convey comprehensive knowledge of the measurement of electrical and non-electrical variables. Students taking the course will be familiarised with various methods and sensors used to measure the relevant physical effects and the typical analogue

and digital electronic circuits used to process the signals recorded.
The experiments introduce many applications in detail and study the properties thereof. Characteristics are recorded and the limitations of individual measuring processes are demonstrated.
Product: Instrumentation Technology with UniTrain-I System
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