Closed-loop Control Technology with UniTrain-I System
Closed-loop control technology In the age of automation, closed-loop control technology is of supreme importance for modern, technical systems. Optimised control loops help engineers in the area of production and process control technology to efficiently manage such resources as energy and raw materials and ensure product quality. Furthermore, by integrating automatic technology, innovative, intelligent products can be made which are a prerequisite for being competitive on world markets. The spectrum of applications range from anti-locking systems in motor vehicles to auto-pilots in jumbo jets and position controls for satellites or space vehicles - from automatic range finding in pocket cameras to air-conditioning control in office buildings all the way to the automatic process control of chemical processing plants in the chemical industry. Using the training system for closed-loop control technology the student can obtain graphic and authentic training in the fundamentals and advanced topics of control engineering. This system utilises state-of-the-art training equipment like digital controllers and multimedia systems to provide all the technical know-how and hands-on skill the student requires.

Available UniTrain-I Courses:

Practical Introduction to Closed-loop Control UniTrain-I Course

Analysis of Control Loops UniTrain-I Course

Controller Design and Optimisation UniTrain-I Course


UniTrain-I multimedia courses on automation and control technology employ a large number of experiments and animations to give an introduction to control technology. Students taking the course become familiar with the components and various control loops along with their typical response and behaviour.

Many experiments study controlled systems, determination of step responses and the optimisation of control loops. Real experiments provide training in the use of important aids such as Bode plots and locus diagrams.
Product: Closed-loop Control Technology with UniTrain-I System
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