Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 PLC Basic Equipment Set
Modular training system for PLC devices of the SIMATIC S7-300 series. The freely accessible profile rail can be equipped with various input and output modules of the SIMATIC S7-300 series. The system bus integrated in the training system allows straightforward connection of the modules.

This Training System is a Basic Equipment Set.

Supplementary Equipment Sets:

PLC Universal Process System Simulator

ProTrain for Windows Process Simulation

Closed-loop Liquid Level / Flow-rate Control

RFID Chips as Product IDs

PLC Controlled Drive Systems

AS Interface Safety Components

Fail-safe PLC/PROFIsafe

Training Concepts:
  • Work with STEP 7 programming software
  • Hardware configuration, planning and data types
  • Creating statement lists
  • Programming languages STL, LAD and SFC
  • Programming of binary operations and word operations
  • Programming of counters and time markers, comparison and arithmetic functions
  • Program structure, invoking subroutings
  • Putting into operation, testing and diagnostic functions
Product: Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 PLC Basic Equipment Set
Product Code: CLC 30

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