Photovoltaic System Battery Storage Unit Training Bench
An electrochemical energy storage device with a photovoltaic system is intended as a means of shifting or transferring power generation to periods of consumption or peak consumption periods to power generation periods. For this purpose, existent and available (solar) energy must be generated and subsequently stored so that it can be used in times of energy demand. The most important objectives of an electrochemical energy storage device are therefore:
  • To increase own or private consumption
  • To ensure dependable supply through backup power

Note: This Training System is a Supplement Equipment Set to the:
Training Concepts:
  • Design and installation of the battery storage unit
  • Interaction between PV systems and storage units
  • Putting the storage unit into operation
  • Boosting intrinsic consumption thanks to energy storage units
Product: Photovoltaic System Battery Storage Unit Training Bench
Product Code: EPH 3.4

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