Absorption Refrigeration Cycle
This unit is delivered complete with instrumentation and includes a technical and instruction manual.

Designed and manufactured to industrial standards.

It demonstrates the process of producing low temperatures by heat source (electrical or gas burner), without any components in rotation. It uses NH3 as a refrigerant and water as a solvent.

This unit can be used at different levels and in various fields of study.
Suggested Applications and Dimensions:

Suggested Applications:
  • Study of the basic concepts found in an absorption refrigeration unit of the diffusion type.
  • Study of the important phases of the cycle.
  • Analysis of thermal results through the evaporator and the other components.
  • Calculation of global efficiency

  • Length: 700 mm
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Height: 1100 mm
  • Weight: 60 kg
Product: Absorption Refrigeration Cycle
Product Code: CRA-NH3

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