Design and Assembly of Refrigeration Applications
This Training Equipment Set allows you to teach the most important and most common applications of refrigeration technology. Thanks to the extensive equipment set, the refrigeration workshop is also suitable for teaching fundamentals of the piping system. The extensive electrical circuitry covers the broadest of application areas.

Knowledge including the following can be taught as part of fundamental practical training:
  • Installing and planning technically correct piping for a refrigeration system using copper pipes (bending, flanging, making to measure)
  • Installing electrical wiring for a refrigeration system and handling electric current
  • Handling refrigerant, filling, disposal and safety
  • Start-up, checking for leaks, leak testing and maintenance
  • Disassembly or shut-down
Note: This Training System is a Basic Equipment Set.

Supplementary Equipment Sets:
Training Concepts:

Training Concepts:
  • Set-up and dismantling of piping and piping components
  • Pressure testing, pressure strength testing, electrical tests
  • Calibration of pressure switches
  • Start-up, checking for leaks, leak testing
  • Designing control systems
  • Calibration of pressure switches
  • Filling with refrigerant
  • Siphoning of refrigerant to suitable disposal containers
  • Execution of repairs, e.g. replacing components, changing oil, etc.

  • Vegetable cooling cabinet
  • Freezer compartment
  • Shock freezer
  • Fridge compartment with power controlled by hot-gas by-pass
  • Refrigeration system with starting controller
  • Refrigeration system with winter mode
  • 2 Fridge compartments at different temperatures via evaporator pressure regulating valve
Training Equipment List:
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Product: Design and Assembly of Refrigeration Applications
Product Code: RCW 1

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