Assembly Exercises on Switching Units
Example training project: An electrical machine is to be connected in a star-delta circuit with the aid of contactors.
Training Concepts:
  • Components and various wiring techniques
  • Installation and commissioning of circuits using this method
  • Contactor control with on/off switches, inching control, latching and two control sites
  • Contactor circuits for motors with two speeds and two separate windings
  • Reversing and follow-up circuits using contactors
  • Forced follow-up circuits alongside the main circuit
  • Dahlander circuit with contactors
  • Starter circuit for motor with slip-ring rotor
  • Interlocking of contactor control
  • Contactor control with time-delay relay
  • Star-delta circuit using contactors
Product: Assembly Exercises on Switching Units
Product Code: EWS 1

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