Building Service Entry
The Building Service Entry electrical wiring training system covers the connection of the mains system of a building to the external power feed and how to install such an interface according to regulations and test it. Practical experiments are already integrated. A fault simulator included in the hardware allows for differing measurement exercises to be set up for trainees to solve. The distribution network for a building, the mains entry point itself and the consumer system are all covered in detail taking into account the necessary protective measures.
Training Concepts:
  • Design of the public network
  • Power feed, distribution of power
  • Protective measures against electric shocks
  • Short circuits, faults to frame, faults to earth
  • Lightning and excess voltage protection
  • Testing an electrical system against the currently applicable standards
  • Measurement of insulation, earth and loop resistance
  • Functioning principles of conventional and electronic electricity meters
  • Checking rotating field, protective earth measurement, equipotential binding measurements
  • Testing of protective measures according to protocols for initial and subsequent regular testing
  • Sub-distribution, planning, installation
  • Mains systems
  • Testing of residual current protective devices (RCDs)
Product: Building Service Entry
Product Code: EGT 1

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