Monitoring, Heating, Weather, Visualization and Lines Control
The demands on wiring installation in buildings are getting tougher all the time as the technology itself advances. Electricians need to keep abreast of these developments. KNX installation technology expands upon conventional wiring and blazes a new trail, creating a full building management system. In addition to the normal wiring, a bus system is also required to allow for communication between end devices. All these devices are possessed of their own intelligence programmed via a PC. The system is decentralised and the PC is only used for programming the equipment.

Note: This Training System is a Supplement Equipment Set to the:
Training Concepts:

Monitoring System
  • Room monitoring
  • Using the info displays
  • Evaluation of reports
  • KNX - Triton - button 3 - fold with display
  • KNX - motion and presence detector
  • KNX - button - Interface
  • Window, door and bolt switch contacts
Weather Station
  • Detecting weather conditions via sensors
  • Power supply to sensors
  • Processing analogue readings using KNX
  • Processing and display of analogue signals
Operation and Visualisation
  • Setting up a touch panel for operation
  • Programming a touch-panel
  • Graphic display on a touch-panel

    Heating Control
    • Heating control for room temperature
    • Heating control with frost protection setting
    • How room temperature control reacts to disturbance variables
    • Automatic summer/winter adaptation
    • Presence control
    Wide-area Coverage
    • Extending a bus system using a single-line topology to one using wide-area topology
    • Additional power supply for various areas and bus lines
    • Adding extra devices
    • Adding extra USB ports
    Product: Monitoring, Heating, Weather, Visualization and Lines Control
    Product Code: EIT 8.2

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