Intelligent Lighting Management using DALI
Nowadays it is no longer sufficient to simply turn lights on and off. Lighting has become a matter of modern lighting management. This enables a maximum of energy saving to be achieved along with the maximum of comfort. Ballast devices or sensors handle open- and closed-loop control of lights and make sure that the right amount of light is provided indoors or outdoors, at home or at work. Modern lighting management covers various scenarios, such as individual and flexible use of lighting for given effects or the use of sensors.
Note: This Training System is a Supplement Equipment Set to the:
Training Concepts:
  • Knowledge of various bus systems
  • Fundamental knowledge of the function, design and parameter settings for a DALI system
  • Functionality and how sensors are incorporated
  • Creation of lighting effects
  • Function and use of EnOcean
  • Installation instructions
  • Diagnostics by means of a multimeter or oscilloscope
Product: Intelligent Lighting Management using DALI
Product Code: EIT 3.2

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