Bendix Tractor/Trailer Air Brake Trainer (Without ABS/ATC)
Fully operational Bendix Tractor/Trailer Air Brake System without ABS/ATC with Steer axle, tandem tractor & trailer.

Other Air Brake Training Systems Available:
  • Sectioned air compressor with operable unloaders (Compressor is sectioned and non functional)
  • Bendix AD-SP air dryer
  • 2 x Steer axle type-24 brake chambers
  • Steer axle quick release valve
  • E-6 brake valve
  • MV-3 park control valve assembly
  • 1 Simulated dash panel
  • warning lights
  • Ignition switch
  • Trailer control valve
  • Supply reservoir
  • Rear service reservoir
  • Front service reservoir
  • Trailer reservoirs
  • Bendix TP-5 tractor protection valve
  • SR-1 spring brake valve
  • Bendix R-14 relay valve
  • 4 x Spring brake chambers
  • 6 x Automatic slack adjusters
  • Bendix R-12 relay valve
  • 4 x Tail lights
  • Low pressure warning light
  • Low pressure warning buzzer
  • 6 x Digital wheel speed readouts.
  • 20 x Reference air gauges
  • All necessary brackets and fittings to complete the system
Product: Bendix Tractor/Trailer Air Brake Trainer (Without ABS/ATC)
Product Code: ABT-NOABS5X

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