Petrol Engine Rig – Ford Fiesta DIS
Fully operational petrol engine rig with Distributorless Ignition System (DIS).

The system comprises all the elements that control the air-fuel ratio, the ignition timing, and the exhaust emissions together with the ECU and all the sensors and actuators associated with the control system.

The system enables fault conditions to be inserted and for these faults to be diagnosed with specialist workshop test equipment.

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Main Technical Specifications:
  • Pin out facility on all electrical components using 2 mm sockets enabling 'real-time' values to be taken without compromising the wiring harness.
  • Includes Fault Insertion Module (Ten faults, Lockable).
  • Engine Rig mounted on a self-contained stand complete with castors.
  • Rotating parts covered by mesh guards.
  • Powder coated paint finish.

Other Specifications:
  • Supply Voltage: 12V DC
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 1100 x 1200 x 1300 mm
  • Weight: 200 kg
  • Operational AC or CC System on donor engine
  • Electronic auto transaxle, drive shafts & braking facility on donor engine
  • Gearbox complete with clutch and clutch pedal
  • Revolving engine frame with 60:1 reduction gearbox
Product: Petrol Engine Rig – Ford Fiesta DIS
Product Code: ER-1210DIS

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