CarTrain Common Rail Diesel
The common rail engine management system combines the entire engine control electronics into a single control unit. The training system is designed to perform actuator control as a function of the corresponding sensor signals.

This makes it possible to reproduce and understand different driving conditions. The sensors and actuators used in the engine management system are genuine, fully-operational components.
Training Concepts:
  • Understand how the engine management system works
  • Grasp how the control loops in the system operate
  • Learn about the design and function of sensors and actuators
  • Learn how to interpret and use circuit diagrams
  • Conduct practical, hands-on measurements on the engine management components
  • Read out fault memory
  • Measure and test electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic variables
  • Adjust engine management system parameters
  • Learn to use expert systems and remote diagnostics
Product: CarTrain Common Rail Diesel
Product Code: CO3221-6E

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