Military Vehicle Simulator

Military Vehicle Simulator is a full scale replica of an armored vehicle, with fully integrated real equipment, placed on a six axes motion platform in order to simulate with accuracy the behavior of the vehicle in every kind of environments and situations. This driving simulator is available for autonomous driving training and practice or at a platoon level, in a collaborative mode, networked with other simulators.
The 3D geo-typical graphical database ensures immersive training in multiple environment types like desert, jungle, urban areas and multiple training zones like cities, off-road, countryside, test tracks, trial areas, base camps
System Overview:

  • Complete vehicle simulation
  • Last generation vitrual environment
  • Integrated training program

Applications for Defence & Security Sector
  • Training Simulation - Driving training for land Forces

Applications for Training & Simulation Sector
  • Military Simulators - Driving Training
  • Military Simulators - Mission Training

Accurate Vehicle Simulation
  • 6 axes motion platform for increased immersion
  • Realistic cabin replica with fully integrated real vehicle equipment
  • Advanced dynamic model for perfect vehicle behavior reproduction

Realistic and Geospecific Virtual World
  • Last generation 3D graphics
  • Multiple environment types: desert, jungle, urban
  • Multiple training zones: city, off-road, countryside, test track, trial area, base camp

Rich Variety of Driving Conditions
  • Night/Day with realistic lightning
  • External traffic with advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • Rain, snow, wind, sandstorms

Complete Training Program
  • From beginner to expert levels
  • Fully customisable content
  • Includes interactive lessons, exercises and tests
  • Elaborated with military training professionals

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Product: Military Vehicle Simulator
Product Code: MVS-001

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