Desktop Car Driving Simulator for Traffic Safety & Defensive Driver Training
The 4000 Desktop Driving Simulator provides the same advanced technology as the rest of car simulators product line, but in a more compact and portable design. This series is easy to install on most tables or desk tops. This product is offered in both single and three screen configurations and comprehensive training software is also included with each model.
System Overview:

  • Features PC and 1 screen or 3-screen displays
  • Robust “Plug and Play” Logitech controls
  • Comprehensive traffic safety training software with unlimited use license

Applications for Driving Simulation:
  • Simulation training systems for car driving (Initial / advanced driving training)

System Hardware:
  • 4100: Includes an all in one PC with a single screen display
  • 4300: Features a tower PC and three screens for enhanced view
  • Logitech Components: G-27 steering and pedal controls that are engineered to endure rigorous use
  • Portable Unit: The 4100 transports in one wheeled, Pelican travel case for mobile training applications
  • Transmissions: Offers both automatic and manual transmission modes

System Software:
  • Comprehensive Training Software: Includes 39 lessons, over 200 scenarios & exercises, and unlimited practice driving
  • High Fidelity Vehicle Dynamics: High-fidelity vehicle dynamic models accurately mimic the handling characteristics of real vehicles
  • Multiple Vehicle Classes: Simulated vehicle models include cars, SUVs, and vans. In addition, the driver can modify ABS, ESC, TCS, power train, weight distribution, and tyre wear
  • Crash Avoidance Scenarios: Includes dozens of crash avoidance scenarios and risky situations
  • Create your own Scenarios: Quickly create your own exercises, including weather, time of day and traffic density
  • Eco-Drive Assessment: Delivers detailed feedback on the fuel consumption characteristics of each driver performance
  • Multi-View Replay: Enables the instructor to review any completed scenario from a 360° angle

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Product: Desktop Car Driving Simulator for Traffic Safety & Defensive Driver Training
Product Code: 4000 Series

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