Cockpit Car Driving Simulator for Clinical Rehabilitation & Assessment
2000 Cockpit Driving Simulator is a clinical assessment tool designed to help the clinician determine whether or not a client has the ability to safely operate a vehicle after recovering from a traumatic injury or illness. This simulator incorporates a 3 screen display, automotive controls and also offers a range of adaptive controls. Integrated software includes over 200 driving scenarios and exercises designed for rehabilitation training and assessment.
System Overview:

  • Cockpit design with a 3-screen display
  • Automotive sized wheel, automotive turn signals and gear shifter and pedals
  • Includes Skills Testing Assessment Rehabilitation Software (STARS)

Applications for Driving Simulation:
  • Simulation training systems for car driving simulation (Initial / advanced driving training)

System Hardware:
  • System Platform: Steel chassis features a PC and three screens for wide angle viewing
  • Automotive functionality: Full-size steering wheel, turn-key ignition, smart stick, and an automatic and manual transmissions
  • Adaptive controls: Hand controls with push / pull operation, and left foot accelerators
  • Handicapped accessible: Optional split-base modification allows for easy wheel chair access
  • Digital dashboard: Easy to read digital dashboard, with embedded speakers

System Software:
  • Rehabilitation training Software: Includes 39 lessons, over 200 scenarios & exercises, and unlimited practice driving
  • Reaction time: Quickly calculate the driver reaction time in several different driving situations
  • Field of view: Evaluate the driver ability to perceive objects across a wide three screen FOV
  • Memory: Review the driver ability to recognise and remember basic colors and shapes
  • Crash avoidance scenarios: Includes dozens of crash avoidance scenarios and risky situations
  • Create your own scenarios: Quickly create your own exercises, including weather, time of day and traffic density
  • Multi-view replay: Enables the instructor to review any completed scenario from a 360° angle

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Product: Cockpit Car Driving Simulator for Clinical Rehabilitation & Assessment
Product Code: 2000 Series

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